Sunday, May 6, 2007

Academic Economists Skewing Data in Research Findings to Protect Failures of Socialism

As one reads the Economist and other carefully constructed economic media material it should be quite evident that the academics writing these papers are selling human capitalist civilizations far short - In fact, almost to the point of supporting communism or socialism - Why?

You may think that very intelligent economists would understand the free market system. And even though most economists will admit that free-market system does not exist anywhere in reality it is pretty hard to dismiss free-market capitalism as the most productive possible method of running a human civilization.

Nevertheless, the fantasy of communism or socialism seems to be sexy enough to grab the attention of some economists. Because it sounds good on the surface, but anyone who has studied history or watched how socialism and communism actually decrease the productivity level of any nation would have to agree that it is a complete dead end.

Plus it is quite amazing that academic economists knowing all this would be writing research papers and stealing data to overlook or protect the failures of Socialism in so many of our present period economies. The real problem with this is if there is too much buying into this in international banking circles, government agencies and political leaders we have a severe problem that is approaching in the future.

That problem would be issues with collapses of economies, scarcity and devaluation of currencies. An economist who was more reality based would promote less government intervention and regulation, a greater push towards real free-market thinking and show proof positive that came to which he shows this occurring.

The socialism which is taught in academia should not infiltrate itself into the study of economics allowing those professors to write research papers which view the actual results. Even a banana republic can not support its people if the productivity dives down too far.

Some of the worst atrocities to human rights abuses have been constant communist countries and we know that socialism not only destroys an economy pushing it into an unrecoverable spiral, but it also diminishes productivity to the point of complete economic collapse. If academia economists will not come to terms with reality, we should not bother to read their research is not worth the paper is written on, unless that paper is very thin on a roll in a public restroom.

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