Monday, August 20, 2007

Calcium Chloride Source - What is Calcium Chloride Source Good For?

Calcium chloride is a soluble compound of calcium and is used for many purposes. Two of the most common uses of a calcium chloride source are production of many other calcium salts and soil fertilization.

Unlike other calcium compounds, calcium chloride produces calcium ions readily. These free calcium ions can then react with other elements to form new compounds. This process continuously takes place in the soil where calcium is needed for many important activities.

A calcium chloride source can also be used to settle down dust on roads. It is used in the manufacturing industry to speed up various processes. Plastic industry makes use of calcium chloride to make firm and solid items. In the context of soil fertilization and solidification, calcium chloride is used as a calcium source along with calcium carbonate and other calcium salts. It is very effective and is totally harmless for fruits and vegetables.

A calcium chloride source acts as a freeze resistant. It has some extraordinary physical and chemical properties that make it a special compound. It is used for precipitating other compounds as it is soluble. It is also used as a drying agent in many chemical reactions as it absorbs moisture very quickly.

Fruits and vegetables grown with a calcium-rich soil contain more elementary calcium than other plants. These can be added to a vegetarian diet to obtain good amounts of calcium on a daily basis. Calcium supplements are also a good way to overcome calcium deficiency and live a healthy life.

Calcium chloride like sodium chloride is salty in taste. It can be added to certain foods in place of regular salt to serve as a dietary calcium source. Common salt is not very refined and doctors discourage the use of too much regular salt in making certain dishes. Calcium chloride can be used as an alternative.

Calcium chloride is used as an additive in some chocolate brands and in making processed cheese. It can be used as a compound in making calcium supplements as well. However, calcium carbonate is more commonly used in making good-quality, effective calcium supplements because it is easily absorbed in the presence of stomach acid.

A variant on calcium carbonate known as coral calcium is also used frequently in making calcium tablets and liquid supplement products. This source of calcium is obtained from fossilized coral reefs and is very useful for maintaining long-term health.

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