Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dry Skin - Is There a Cure for Dry Skin?

Over history, world have been looking for just that. From soap's beginnings in prehistoric times, to the development of the moisturizer, to the outgrowth of sunscreens, and the rise of antioxidants… attempt to heal the irritation of dry tegument have never been in short supply. To date, the marketplace is experiencing a permeation of decorative and tegument attention products, and the merchandise lines maintain growing. Are all the attempts covering any ground?

Well, we certainly cognize more than about dry tegument today than a few decennaries ago. We now cognize that taking shorter, ice chest showers and staying away from antibacterial drug and deodourant soaps assists maintain our tegument from drying, and that moisturizers have got to be applied within proceedings after washing. It is also common cognition that wearing sunblock day-to-day tin avoid dry tegument and wrinkles, and that keeping the temperature down in the house during the wintertime calendar months can make the same thing. Cottonwear and portable humidifier gross sales are on the rise owing to the benefits that they give to tegument health. More and more than processes that were once considered epicurean are making their manner to the mainstream market. Chemical skins which used to be done in watering places and salons only; now we have got off-the-shelf, do-it-yourself peels. Joy.

About four out of every five of us went through the striving of acne during our adolescent years. Back then, all everyone knew was that an surplus of facial tegument oil caused pimples, and unwittingly aggravated our concerns by drying our human faces with soap and astringents. Today, we have got benzoyl hydrogen peroxide and oil-free moisturizers. Not only can you now command the frequence and badness of your breakouts, you can also avoid getting dry tegument at the same time. Brilliant! Now if lone unsighted days of the month and malted stores came back into fashion.

More serious dry tegument diseases are also being treated with greater easiness and efficiency than ever before. While some of the causes of common tegument statuses such as as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis may still not be known, the uncomfortableness of the symptoms can often be treated by a simple application of steroid cream. And as more than treatments go available, scientific discipline and engineering are slowly getting near to arriving at what precisely do these diseases.

So, is there a remedy for dry skin?

Technological progresses and scientific finds may be encouraging, but tegument is still jump by the regulations put by Mother Nature. The best tegument attention merchandises and treatments still can't forestall the most unavoidable cause of dry skin: age. While stairway can be taken to decrease the marks and personal effects of aging, there is still no denying the fact that eventually, all things age and die. And as fortune would have got it, we're no exception.

The weather condition is another thing. There's nothing we can make about the fact that there's always going to be a wintertime every year, and there'll be no avoiding the dropping temperatures and humidity. The reciprocal is also true for those life in warmer climes, where the heat energy and sun can be equally detrimental on the skin. It doesn't assist things that as the progresses that scientific discipline and engineering soar, so make our pollution levels. As the air acquires dirtier, our dry tegument acquires worse; and it's only going to acquire worse unless everyone starts listening to Aluminum Gore.

Apparently, people are listening. Use of "natural" tegument treatments, such as as aloe vera, shea butter and olive oil, is on the rise. More and more than herbal dry tegument redresses are also making their manner to the market, and that's Associate in Nursing encouraging though, isn't it?

So, what? Are there a remedy for dry tegument or not?

Sadly, no. There's no one-shot, one-size-fits-all cure for dry skin. Maybe not yet, but it's calm highly unlikely. The human organic structure is still destined to interrupt down and eventually discontinue to exist, as nature had designed it to, and there's nothing that scientific discipline and engineering can make to change the fact.

What we have got done so far, and very well at that, is harm control. The marks of dry tegument caused by age, weather condition and society can be controlled. There's calm too much about the human organic structure that we don't know, and scientific finds and discoveries can take to break products, treatments, and cognition about dry skin. Who knows? One day, there might be a penicillin for all types of tegument disease, and dry skin's small niche in the marketplace could very well turn into a niche in the history books.

Until then, however, the most we can make is to lodge to shorter showers, use moisturizer regularly, and ticker the exciting developments for dry tegument remedies from the sideline. Preferably in the shade, and especially between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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