Friday, October 5, 2007

Hoodia, What Is It All About?

Lately Hoodia have come up upon with some alone characteristics that brands it desirable in the eyes of many people. It's relation with weight losing have made it quite popular these days. It is used as a medical specialty for losing weight. People believe it works as an appetency suppresser. People of Southern Africa knew the works and they used it to handle dyspepsia and infections. The works is also known as "Queen of the Namib" and "Bushman's Hat".

Hoodia is a sort of works with big flowers. It is remarkably similar to works of the cactus family. The works can acquire to the tallness of 1 meter. The flowers smell strong and have got flesh color. There are many species, but one specific type is used as an appetency suppressant.

Some piece ago the BBC have covered a study where they stated Hoodia gordonii as a natural manner to diminish appetite. Before these reports, there were only 3 merchandises containing the original merchandise on the United States market. But since the mass media attention, there are over 300 merchandises on the market. The charge per unit of per kilogram have also increased. The terms for a kilogram of Hoodia was $13, which increased to $250 on average.

The popularity of Hoodia have Pb to a secure position for the plant. There are many merchandises available in the marketplace claiming to incorporate the original product, but few of the merchandises actually do. Half of the merchandises available in the marketplace make not incorporate any of the echt elements.

Hoodia gordonii is a species that is endangered. CITES protects these works and it is illegal to export them without proper certification issued by the authorities. Even in United States there are laws that guarantee that an importer must have got a license to import with the CITES certificate. As there are imitation merchandises available in the market, there are independent laboratories that diagnostic test merchandises to cognize whether Hoodia is present in the merchandise or not.

So, before purchasing any of these merchandises you have got to be careful adequate not to purchase the counterfeited products. Testing is really needed. As Hoodia is not available largely, and becoming more than than than than and more expensive, there are more and more merchandises that make not incorporate the original extract.

Products with Hoodia are getting popular increasingly, so the figure of counterfeited merchandises is also in the rise.

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